Special Needs Ministry


The Special Needs Ministry's mission is to provide a culture of belonging, dignity and purpose to everyone who has cognitive and developmental challenges. Our ministry strategically delivers teaching methods that are designed for children, youth and adults with special needs. We identify resources and opportunities that intentionally integrate people and families into the ministry of the church. We do this through (1) Education, (2) Equipping, (3) Engaging AND (4) Expressions of service to God and our community.

Super Sundays!

Why do we call it Super Sunday? The word "super" means the highest degree; extreme or excessive. We seek to demonstrate the highest, most extreme degree of love and servitude each time we assemble. 

Sunday school

All children and students who have special needs are welcome to attend Sunday school at 9:30am on the south side of the campus. The Sunday school program is for children 2 years old through 6th grade. Children birth to 2 are welcome in the nursery. Pre-school through Kinder aged children attend an age appropriate class with  a "buddy" who is trained by the special needs ministry (if needed). Children 1st -6th grade experience learning in both a small group setting with their peers and a large group mainstream setting.

Get REL! Religion in Everyday Life

Adults and caregivers are invited to join us for Sunday school from 10:00-10:45am in room S115-S116. Experience Jesus, while enjoying free tacos and coffee -- it's a win win!

The Believer's Garden

Everyone is welcome to join us in the Believer's Garden for our worship service at 11am in the McCreless gym. This is a time of lively, interactive praise and worship followed by a practical message for "real life" application. (click here for more information on Believers' Garden)