"Tales from Narnia" A Huge Hit!

This year Children's Ministry at The U had two separate drama camps (Curtain Calls) with over 80 children participating and learning about Christ through theater.

One Curtain Call camp, "Showcase," had the children perform parables from the Bible and had a special Thursday evening performance that had audiences and casts moving after each act to a different location throughout the church. This camp was specifically for children who were beginners to theater who walked away with a love of theater and Jesus.

The second Curtain Call camp, "Spotlight," was for kids already used to performance on some level. They had two performances Friday night and Saturday morning and memorized "Tales from Narnia." Watch below for the teaser, and two episodes from their performance!

Episode 1 This video is an adaptation of Narnia produced at University United Methodist Church

Episode 2 This video is an adaptation of Narnia produced by University United Methodist Church