How Is Jesus Working in the Community Through University?

We started to walk once a day for Lent as our God time. I was so reluctatnt to go out everyday. I wanted to watch TV or fold the clothes out of the dryer. But, my husband and I began to walk. I decided to use that time to pray for my family and myself.

But, after a few days, God opened my eyes to everyone else around me - walking, spending time with their families.

I noticed a mom with her three young kiddos. She seemed tired and overwhelmed. I felt God nudging me to go talk to her. So even though I was uncomfortable doing so, I walked to her and offered to pray for her. She seemed truly touched by it!

As the days continued, she began to stop me and give me updates about herself and her children. I learned that she was a single mom who needed someone to affirm what a great job she was doing with her children and herself. And I was that person.

She’s now a friend!

God said, “Look around you and use this time for sharing and community building.” That was to be my God time - not just to focus on myself but on others.

- Laura Ibarra
Care and Wellness

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