Please Pick Up a U/SHOP Bag

Please pick up a Red U/Shop Bag on Sunday April 26th and return on Sunday May 3rd.  They will be located on both the Traditional side and on the Contemporary side.   

 U|SHOP bags are used to collect food and other items for Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) and Easter Seals.  The bags are distributed on the last Sunday of the month and are to be returned on the first Sunday of the month (Communion Sunday).  It is a Wesleyan tradition to bring an offering when taking communion so we encourage all to take a bag and fill it with the items that are on the list provided. The shopping lists are developed each month in cooperation with Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) and Easter Seals and are based on the items they need to serve their clients.  Bags can be left at the Welcome Desk on either campus or in the Main office.