56 Live! Operation Christmas Project

Our 5th and 6th grade students spent the last several weeks raising money to gift a family with a wonderful Christmas experience. One of our 56 Live! staff leaders, Corre Tocco had this to say about it:

I will start by letting you know I felt a great tugging at my heart from the Lord to encourage and empower our 56’ers this holiday season to start thinking outside themselves (not an easy task for many kids but particularly challenging for those nearing or in middle school). I felt it would be a difficult but important lesson to challenge 56’ers to raise funds in a short amount of time for a family in need. With Rich Holt’s help we found a family, and I brought forth a large goal of raising $500 in two weeks to our group of 40 or so 56’ers. They of course were thinking that kind of money was just too much…but we talked it out, and one young lady shouted, “We can do this! It’s just $13 per person!” We talked about going home and sharing this goal with their families and asking moms and dads what chores or services they could work so that they could earn money to donate.

My heart is full…the 56’ers took this to heart, and they worked hard. AND they beat their goal!! They raised $607.02!!! In just two weeks!

That in and of itself is a giant glory sighting! But here is where is became powerful. Parent after parent came up to me last night with stories of thanks and joy that their child came home inspired to bless a family in need and that their child did in fact do chores and even some community service in order to raise funds for “Operation Christmas Project." I even had a mother tell me how her daughter did chores to earn $20, then upon hearing we were at our half way mark last week, she begged to do more to earn another $20 the following week!

Last night we brought in the Christmas tree and trimmings we promised the family (Rich and I will deliver this today), and our sweet 56’ers surrounded these simple yet precious gifts and prayed over the family about to receive them. My heart shouts GLORY and I pray you will feel the impact of this powerful effort by our 56’ers too!