Good Friday with GORUCK

Cost: $65     Start: Sat. 7am     Time: 5hrs approx.    Distance: 7-10miles

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Good Friday sometimes comes on Saturday. We would like for you to come on that journey with us. This year we will host our second Good Friday GORUCK event.

This should be thought of as a physically demanding stations of the cross. We will embrace physical struggle to better identify with the struggle that Christ took for us on his way to the cross.     Don't worry though, there will be PLENTY of FUN and a lot of weight. This is an event that will test you physically and demand you to rely on your team and your team to rely on you. 

We will be doing some Ruck training before this event for several weeks to prepare ourselves both physically and mental. It is not required but it is usually a lot of fun and give us a chance to get know team better. 

For more details contact Pastor kit - - or check out GORUCK website at