Supporting 4 Million Meals Just Got Easier

I am part of the generation that rarely carries cash and has to look in the file cabinet to find a check.  That doesn't mean I am not generous and I don't sometimes feel moved to express that generosity through giving financially.  My bank automatically sends my tithe to the church every month but sometimes there is a special need that I want to respond to immediately.  For instance, the 4 Million Meal Campaign is something I am totally behind and is something that I want to support above and beyond my estimate of giving to the church.  So, I could go home and find a check or stop at the ATM or set up a one-time bank draft.  But couldn't it be easier?  

Yes.  We are excited to announce text-giving with our partner Kindrid.  Watch the video below to see exactly how it works; but it is pretty easy.  Send a text message to 210-960-8244 with the dollar amount you want to give.  Also include the word "meals" is you want it to go to 4 Million Meals.  If it is your first time, you will receive a link to setup your payment.  Save the number in your phone and from then on, you can just text to give.  Check out the video:


Kindred is safe and secure.  Our finance department did a lot of research to make sure we can trust this system with the hard earned money that you offer to God and the work of God.

Maybe you still prefer to give by check or via the website or even put cash in the plate and we continue to welcome those methods.  This is just another way we are using technology to stay connected to the people of God.

If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to comment below or drop me an email at