Do you have questions and no answers?

We have a class for you.  It is called Alpha Pop Culture!

Alpha is designed as an introduction to the Christian faith. People attend this class for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking to find out the meaning of life or to find out about other faiths. Some perhaps have been to church in the past, but haven’t felt that they understood what the Christian faith is all about. Alpha is great opportunity to get questions answered in an informal setting.

In a small group setting, this 9 week introduction of Jesus and the Christian faith addresses the questions and issues that each of us face as we live out faith. Some of the questions addressed are: “Who is Jesus and Why did He die?”, “What about other religions?”, “Why does God allow suffering?” Light meal and childcare provided with reservation.

Alpha Pop Culture| meets on Mondays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in John Wesley Room beginning September 29, 2014. To register, click here.