Twelve Days of Prayer - Day 1

Pray for Staff and Leadership of our church

A mentor of mine, Bishop Dick Wills, likes to say that "The first job of a pastor is to grow his or her own soul. The second job of a pastor is to grow the souls of the church's leadership." Bishop Wills believes that everything else a pastor or staff member or lay officer does - managing, decision-making, caring for the congregation - depends upon first growing both the health and depth of one's soul.

Likewise, I suggest that prayer is the first, foremost, and finest way a congregation can contribute to the soul growth of its pastors, staff, and leaders.

Churches get the leadership they pray for. Lack of leadership is most often not a lack of skill and talent, but rather a lack of prayer support. On the other hand, prayers of blessing create graced and grace-giving leaders. Prayers of forgiveness create healed and healing pastors. Prayers of intercession create staff persons who are active advocates of the Holy Spirit. It is the prayers of God's people that ultimately creates the health and depth of its leaders.

Today, what leaders will you pray for, and what will your prayers create in them?

Rev. Charles Anderson
Directing Pastor