Twelve Days of Prayer Day 12

Pray this Sunday’s worship service 

John 12:32 (NLT) says, “And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself”.

Father, we do not have enough words in our language to adequately express our gratitude for your Son Jesus and His complete work at the cross. Without Your love and the sacrifice of Your only Son, our lives would be meaningless and destined for an eternity of separation from You. 

This Easter Sunday, we will lift You up in all of our contemporary, traditional and special needs worship services. We pray Your Name will be exalted from the rafters of our buildings and from the depths of our hearts. 

We believe Your words in John 12:32 that as You are lifted up You will draw everyone to Yourself. We pray that all who hear You calling will come to this place of worship and experience Your great salvation and develop a deeper walk with You.  

Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us and may our hearts overflow with Your presence as we gather to celebrate the most incredible act of love this world has ever, and will ever, know. 

In Your precious Son’s name, we pray. Amen


Susan Galindo
Director, Special Needs Ministry