Enchanted Rock Campout

Our annual Enchanted Rock Camp Out is almost here. It is a time that allows us to focus on following Christ. Maundy Thursday we will worship, share communion, and wash one another’s feet, just like Christ did with his disciples the night before he was arrested. On Friday, we will carry three crosses up Enchanted Rock to help us identify with the pain of Christ as he carried His cross in His passion. Fasting while on the campout will be an option.

A few reminders:

1.         We are on this campout to remember the night before Jesus died
              (Maundy-Thursday) and the death of Jesus (Good Friday).
2.         This is a camping trip. We will be sleeping in a tent on the ground.
3.         We will be climbing Enchanted Rock as a team, carrying large crosses. We will stop several times for Good Friday devotions. It will be physically difficult.
4.         Do be respectful of the Leaders and other students.
5.         Do drink water.
6.         Do keep the tents separate by gender.

Because we want to spend time focusing on Christ and his death, we want to eliminate distractions. Cell phones will not be allowed. Please leave these at home.

For anyone signed up to bring a tent, please bring them to the church no later than this Sunday April 9.

All participants in the campout must arrive in the Solid Rock Café on the north campus by 5:00pm on Thursday April 13. Bring a sack dinner with you that does not contain peanut products.

Pay attention to the weather forecast at Enchanted Rock. Bring appropriate clothing for the weather.

Before we leave, everyone must have a med form on file with the Student Ministry office. See attached for a student version of this form that can be filled out digitally and emailed to sarah@theu.org. If anyone has prescription medication they need to take on the trip, they need to bring only the amount they need in the original labeled bottle to check in, and turn in to our nurse, along with a filled-out medication administration form. We will be returning from Enchanted Rock on Friday the 14th in time for the Good Friday service that begins at 6:30pm on the south side of the campus. Everyone on the trip will sit together during this service, but parents are more than welcome to come to the service. All students need to be picked up by 7:30pm on the north campus, immediately following the Good Friday service.

Click here for the packing list.

Please pray for our campout. Pray that we are safe, that students are encouraged to follow Jesus, and that we are a light for Christ at Enchanted Rock.


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