Middle School Summer Mission 2016

This year our Middle School Mission trip will be to Corpus Christi, TX! We will be doing this in partnership with Metro Ministries, Salvation Army, and The Food Bank of Corpus Christi. These ministries will place our students in environments of service and compassion.

Things all people registered for the trip need to know:

1.       On Sunday 7/17 at 8:30am please come to the solid rock café on the north campus for check-in. Luggage will be brought to the Student Worship Center. Students can pack a backpack for the van with any necessary items for the following morning.

2.       If your student takes prescription medication please bring to check-in on Sunday 7/17 when you drop off your luggage. Medication(s) must be in the original prescription bottle, and please bring only the amount needed for the duration of the trip, along with a Medication Form.

3.        Lunch will be provided on Sunday July 17th so there is no need to pack a sack lunch.

4.       Cell phones and other electronics are not allowed on the trip and students must leave these at home. They will be taken up and returned to the student or parent when we return to San Antonio if they are found. Only high school ready team and adult leaders are allowed to have their phones. If a student needs to make a call to a parent, they can use a leaders phone to do so.

7.       We will be sleeping at Asbury United Methodist Church in Corpus Christi, TX. There we will be split up and sleeping in classrooms very similar to what we have here at University. Air mattresses will be more comfortable but are not required. If you choose an air mattress, please limit it to a twin size as we will have limited space. Sleeping bags will also work.

8.       We will return to The U by 5:30pm on Friday July 22nd, however this is subject to change so...

9.       Pay attention to the student ministry Facebook page (The U Students), Twitter (@theustudents), and Instagram (The U Students) for updates throughout our trip. 

Email Albert@theu.org with any questions. 

Packing List: Click here to view