High School Summer Mission 2016


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Lost Paddle Rafting Student Release

Lost Paddle Rafting Adult Release

I’m very excited about our mission to Rocky Ford, CO! We have been working for many months with a team from First UMC-Rocky Ford to arrive at this vision: actively living the Kingdom in the community, united in the Gospel, and a hope for the people. We will join in this vision through a soccer camp, VBS, facility improvement and repair in neighborhoods and retirement homes, block parties, and more. Our partner church, First UMC-Rocky Ford is situated in a town that is economically depressed and searching for hope. We are going to help them build relationships so that the people of Rocky Ford recognize that church as one who brings hope for their community. They will continue and maintain those relationships so that disciples of Jesus can be made and hope can be lived.

Students and leaders will be in Rocky Ford as bringers of the hope that comes from life in Jesus Christ. This will require us to look toward the needs and desires of others before ourselves and to love people who might be different than us. For this reason we will be focusing on hope in scripture throughout the week. It is through our experience in Rocky Ford that we will be asking students, “Do you make disciples?” and “Are you a person of hope?” and equipping them to do and be that here in San Antonio.

Things you need to know:

1.      On Friday 6/17 at 6:00pm please come to the north side parking lot with your packed luggage for the week. Luggage will be put in vans and then you are free to go. Students can pack a backpack for the van with any necessary items for the following morning.

2.      If your student takes prescription medication please bring it on Friday 6/17 when you drop of your luggage. Medication(s) must be in the original prescription bottle, and please bring only the amount needed for the duration of the trip, along with a Medication Form which is attached to this email.

3.      At 6:30pm on Friday 6/17 we will have a short combined Boerne/The U leader meeting upstairs in the Labyrinth room. I need all adult leaders going to Rocky Ford here for this.

4.      Everyone must arrive at the north side of University UMC (The U) no later than 6:00am on Saturday June 18th.

5.      Bring a sack lunch with you for the road the morning of 6/18. No peanut products. Come having eaten breakfast already.

6.      Cell phones and other electronics are not allowed on the trip and students must leave these at home. They will be taken up and returned to the student or parent when we return to San Antonio if they are found.

7.      We will be sleeping and eating most of our meals at Otero Junior College in neighboring La Junta, CO.

8.      We will return to The U by 7:00pm on Saturday June 25.

9.      Pay attention to the student ministry Facebook page (The U Students), Twitter (@theustudents), and Instagram (The U Students) for updates throughout our trip.

Click here for the packing list.

We will make stops on the way to and from Rocky Ford, so if a student wishes to purchase a snack or drink while at these stops, it is up to them to pay for it.

RESPONSE REQUIRED - White Water Rafting

We will be going white water rafting with Lost Paddle Rafting Co. in Canon City, CO on Friday 6/24. Every student must have a parent-signed liability release form in order to participate. Each adult must also sign one. You can find them in the links below. Please print it, sign it, and turn it in to your student ministry office by Wednesday June 15.

Lost Paddle Student Release

Lost Paddle Adult Release

***IMPORTANT*** There are two different rafting options for us. Royal Gorge is a more intense option with class 3, 4, and 5 rapids. Big Horn Sheep Canyon is a less intense option, with class 3 rapids. In either option, we will be kept safe and will have a ton of fun. Experience is not necessary for either option. I NEED TO KNOW WHICH OPTION YOU WANT TO DO BY SUNDAY 6/12. Please click here to choose which option you would like.

Finally, please be in prayer for the week. Pray that we can successfully create disciple-making relationships in Rocky Ford and that the people there realize the hope of Jesus. Pray that we can look past ourselves so we can serve well and be better equipped to grow the Kingdom here in San Antonio. Pray for safety for our week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Ministry office.


Clay Smallwood
The U Student Ministry
Resemble/Ready Coordinator

Email Clay@theu.org with any questions.