Ready Retreat 2016

Ready Retreat 2016 is fast approaching! As you may or may not have learned at Evening of Glory on Friday night, our retreat will see us go to Rocky Ford, CO to engage in some preliminary work for the High School mission in June. Our whole time together will be used to help train our students to be disciple makers and will include various team challenges, worshipping together, times of learning, preparing for High School Mission in June, and more. Like last year, one of the challenges each team receives will require preparation and work after the Ready Retreat. To prepare for our High School Mission, we will be looking at places where we can engage with the community to make disciples of Jesus and evaluating the needs to make this happen in June.

Click here for the packing list.

We will be sleeping at the High Chaparral Inn in Rocky Ford. All bedding and towels will therefore be provided.

We will not be skiing while on the Ready Retreat, but we will spend a day in Colorado Springs hiking, eating lunch, and participating in a high ropes course and other more “extreme” activities while at Cave of the Winds.

All students and leaders on the Ready Retreat must arrive at Solid Rock Café at the church at 5:30am on Saturday March 12th. We will be driving in vans to Rocky Ford, Colorado and will arrive that evening. On Wednesday, March 16 we will rise early to drive home, and will arrive back at the church about 7:00pm. It is on the packing list, but please be aware that students need to bring a sack lunch for the road on Saturday, March 12. Any other snacks outside of the ones we provide or souvenirs they wish to purchase will be their financial responsibility. We will be going to see the movie “Risen” on Sunday evening 3/13. Concessions are available, but are the financial responsibility of each individual student.

Special Note: I (Clay) will not be traveling up to Colorado in the vans with everyone. I will be in Kentucky for seminary class on March 11th and the morning of March 12th. I will fly to Colorado and join everyone Saturday evening March 12th. Aaron and the other adult leaders will be driving with the students.

We must have your student’s medical information form. If you have not filled one out since last August, you can do that by clicking here. Click on one of the “Student” med forms, fill it out, and email it to Sarah Morris at If your student takes prescription medication, please fill out this form and bring the medications to the student ministry office sometime between Sunday, March 6 and Thursday, March 10 in the original labeled bottle from the pharmacy (your pharmacist can give you an extra bottle). Please bring only the amount needed for the days we will be gone. Please do not pack over the counter meds, as we will have those.

Lastly, please be in prayer beginning now for our retreat. Pray that the opportunities that we are given work well to train this students as leaders and disciple-makers. Pray that the Holy Spirit works within these students to empower them so they realize their potential and abilities to disciple others. Also, pray for safety and health for all of us as we travel.