Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) Hosts Ray Vander Laan

Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) is hosting an incredible lunch and learn with author and pastor Ray Vander Laan. Ray's 40 year preaching and teaching ministry is focused on understanding the Bible in light of the historical and cultural context in which God places it. He will be sharing a lesson from Leviticus that references the command to leave part of our harvest for those in need. What did that scripture mean at that time and what does it mean for us today? Why Wheat?

CAM, through the help of local churches, the community, and individuals has been helping those in need in San Antonio for the past 39 years. The wheat logo for CAM references our commitment to sharing and caring for all those in need. Wheat is a global sustainer of life being utilized to create various forms of bread. Today many of us harvest in different ways and sharing our bounty with others is still incredibly important. "When you harvest your fields, do not cut the grain at the edges of the field, and do not go back to cut the heads of grain that were left; leave them for the poor ..." Leviticus 23:22

Doors open at 10:30a and the program begins at 12:00p

This event is free of charge. To register please click here and then scroll down to the Ray Vander Laan event. For more information, please don't hesitate to call (210) 223-4099.