Young Professionals GORUCK Light

Come join the Young Professionals group and Pastor Kit as we engage in a GORUCK Light. What is a GORUCK Light, you might be asking. It is an introduction to Good Livin' Special Forces style. Don't worry if you can do a 5K you can do this. There are lots of smiles and craziness that goes on in these events. 

This is not one of our Church Sponsored GORUCK events but it will be a blast because we will have a lot of our people embracing the struggle with you. You can Register here.

We are also doing plenty of training leading up to the event every Tuesday night on the North campus. Each night we ask some spiritual questions to help us get our minds right and then do some physical training. All you need is a Ruck Sack (AKA backpack) and some weight in it. 10LBS for those who weigh under 150LBS and 20LBS if you weigh over 150LBS. Its a lot of fun and a great way to kickstart your fitness.  

For more information you can contact Pastor Kit -