HS Mission 2015

Click here for the packing list.

It is with great excitement that we prepare for the mission to Memphis! We have been working for many months with the people of Jacob’s Well UMC to arrive at a vision of helping one another see Jesus in the neighborhoods of Nutbush, Berclair, and The Heights. We will be doing this through home repair, day camps that offer sports and art options, and neighborhood block parties. Our partner church, Jacob’s Well, is a congregation comprised mostly of those that live below the poverty line and/or are homeless. We are going to help them for a week to build relationships. They will continue and maintain those relationships so that disciples of Jesus can be made among the people we connect with.

We will be asking our students and leaders to look beyond themselves this week: to look toward the needs and desires of others before themselves and to love people who are different than us. This will require us to strive to be of the same mind, spirit, love, and purpose as that of Christ Jesus. For this reason we will be focusing on Philippians 2:1-11 throughout the week. It is through our experience in Memphis that we will be asking students, “Do you make disciples?” and equipping them to do so here in San Antonio.

Things you need to know:

1.      On Friday 6/19 at 6:00pm please come to the north side parking lot with your luggage for the week packed. You will put them in your van and then you are free to go. Students can pack a backpack for the van with any necessary items for the following morning.

2.      Everyone must arrive at the north side of University UMC (The U) by 5:00am on Saturday June 20th.

3.      At 6:30pm on Friday 6/19 we will have a short combined Boerne/The U leader meeting upstairs in the Labyrinth room. I need all adult leaders going to Memphis here for this.

4.      Bring a sack lunch with you for the road the morning of 6/20. We will have breakfast tacos and/or kolaches available to you for breakfast.

5.      If your student takes prescription medication please bring it on Friday 6/19 when you drop of your luggage. Medication(s) must be in the original prescription bottle, and please bring only the amount needed for the duration of the trip, along with a Medication Form which is attached to this email.

6.      Students should not bring cell phones or other electronics. Leave these at home.

7.      We will return to The U by 6:00pm on Saturday June 27.

8.      Pay attention to the student ministry Facebook page (The U Students) and Twitter (@theustudents) for updates throughout our trip.

Click here for the packing list.

We will make stops on the way to and from Memphis, so if a student wishes to purchase a snack or drink while at these stops, it is up to them to pay for it.

Finally, please be in prayer for the week. Pray that we can successfully create disciple-making relationships in Memphis. Pray that we can look past ourselves so we can serve well and be better equipped to grow the Kingdom here in San Antonio. Pray for safety for our week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Ministry office.