Walk to Emmaus-Men's Walk | Oct 15-18 | Mt Wesley, Kerrville

Have you treated yourself to a spiritual growth re-treat called the Emmaus Walk? UUMC and other local churches in our area are planning an Emmaus walk October 15-18, 2015 at Mount Wesley in Kerrville. It is a great place for a re-treat.

 If you haven’t experienced this personal and spiritual growth opportunity don’t miss out (as a side note the food and service over the weekend is something to look forward to as well).


Applications for the Oct 15 Emmaus Walk are now available:

            -Located on both UUMC campus`s North/South in the Information areas in the Narthex, or           

            -Ask your teacher for an application, or

-If you have questions or want more information feel free to call: Alan Baum at 363-3538 or Terry Smith at 414-5868 (both are UUMC members)


You deserve this; once we have 36 men, confirmed registration will close.