Ready Retreat 2015

We are in the final stages of preparing for our first ever Ready Retreat and we cannot wait to see how the Holy Spirit will show up and move among our students and leaders. This page is to inform parents of necessary details with all things needed to prepare your student for this trip.

While we will be skiing in Colorado, this is not a ski trip. The purpose of this trip is to train and prepare Ready Team students to be disciple-makers and leaders during summer 2015. Our whole time together will be used to help accomplish this and will include various team challenges, worshipping together, times of learning, serving dinner to a community of those in need, and more.

We will be skiing some of the day on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday March 8-10 at Monarch Mountain, about a 30 minute drive from Salida, CO. All ski lift tickets and equipment rentals (skis, snowboards, helmet, etc.) are provided. Ski clothing is something each student must provide.

Click here for the packing list.

All students and leaders on the Ready Retreat must arrive at Solid Rock Café at the church at 5:30am on Saturday March 7th. We will be driving in vans to Salida, Colorado and will arrive that evening. We will be sleeping at First UMC of Salida. On Wednesday, March 11 we will rise early to drive home, and will arrive back at the church at 9:00pm. It is on the packing list, but please be aware that students need to bring a sack lunch for the road on Saturday, March 7 and pay for two dinners. They will need $10 for each dinner. Any other snacks outside of the ones we provide or souvenirs they wish to purchase will be their financial responsibility.

We have your student’s medical information form. If your student takes prescription medication, please fill out this form and bring the medications to the student ministry office sometime between Sunday, March 1 and Thursday, March 5 in the original labeled bottle from the pharmacy (your pharmacist can give you an extra bottle). Please bring only the amount needed for the days we will be gone. Please do not pack over the counter meds, as we will have those. We have a registered nurse, Marthe Moseley, going with us on this retreat.

Please be in prayer for this retreat. Please pray that God helps guide these students in understanding what it means to be a leader and disciple-maker. Please also pray for safety throughout the entirety of our trip.